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Edition 1: I Am....

The I Am video was created as my mentor Kubi Springer, had set us a challenge to understand our I Am, through story telling.

Here is the final content:

My grandparents were my favourite people. They were the ones that gave me the name ‘Angel’. My Grandad died from cardiac arrest and my grandma died from a brain tumour. The affect of their death left me very scared of hospitals. I believed that if you went in you never came out. So I didn’t have faith in the NHS at all. Until giving birth to my boy I had to stay in hospital for a week, that was a test. But I made it to tell the tale. Thanks NHS.

The effect of the burglary was very prominent for me because I saw those that committed the crime. This left me feeling very anxious, I struggled to enter my home for years. I didn’t like dark skin black men because I believed it could have been the men that committed the crime. In my late teens I began to make friends with many dark skin black men to then come to conclusion that not all dark skin black men are the same.

My marriage, as I shared I gave my husband everything. I just wanted to do and be the very best wife. I didn’t realise the pressure to conform, to be submissive &adhere to his ways was stressing me out. As much as I didn’t want to face it, I had to. I gained an inner strength to stand up for myself in a sense of happiness, freedom and the courage to leave.

From doing this video I had come to the conclusion that this ‘Very Angel’ didn’t go through these things for no reason.

  • I was able to empathise more through related emotions.

  • Encouraged me to show Love as it’s a healer.

  • I understood how my story can relate to others.

  • My outcome of feeling strengthened would be reciprocated.

Application: I took action to complete the video and shared my truth.

Mentally: I feel free of not feeling I had to continue to hide the most recent events in my life.I couldn't stand making up stories as to where my husband was.

Be encouraged to face your truth as it can set you free just as it has done for me.

Love Nicole x

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