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Edition 3: Why is therapy important for children and young people?

Good morning, good afternoon and good evening to all my readers.

I hope you are well.

Topic: Why is therapy important for children and young people?

I have a voice- Children and young people want to be treated the same way as adults when sharing their thoughts and feelings, it’s quite often within different cultures children are not required to have or share their opinion or feelings on a certain matter. It is sometimes deemed as disrespectful. Children and young people require that space not to be disrespectful but to be heard. This gives them a platform to share what they can see from a different perspective.

I feel like this because... Children and young people require a space to express themselves but also a time to discuss and understanding why they feel a certain way. Children and young peoples emotions change especially when they become teenagers they are experiencing many bodily and environmental changes, emotions and hormones take over during this times. They need an outlet to share what is going on for them with assistance of how to manage the change and emotions that come with it.

Safe space - the therapy room is a nonjudgmental area fir the children and young people to speak freely without judgement or feeling unsafe. Safety is created through the contract that the children have with the counsellor or therapist. Safety is also linked with comfortability. The room is nice and comfortable for the children to relax a d not feel tense or under any pressure.

The time is now! -why wait until your child is older if they are presenting emotions or facing challenges now. Get the support whilst you see the signs. It’s so important to assist your children with early intervention as this can prevent further or more severe mental health conditions.

Mental health matters - your mental health is just as important as your physical

Health. Look after your mind, body and soul. Implement self care/ self lobe into your life. Make time to appreciate you and do things that make you smile and bring joy to your life.

Therapy is a place that can bring you healing and strength. Give your children that opportunity.

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Stay safe, Stay healthy


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