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What is your story?








Here are some statements I often hear:

'My Child is having a challenging time at school'

'I've recently separated with my partner, my child hasn't taken it well.'

It's like talking to a brick wall sometimes, I can't seem to get through to him'

I need some help to manage my emotions, I care about what others think a lot.

Does this resonate with you?

Happy Children

Having the right level of confidence will help to our esteem. Knowing who we are will strengthen this.

School Student

Having to face but get through tough experiences shows your strength. Remebering that strength will continue to push you to greater heights.

Loving Son

In all that you do , be kind, and show love. Love conquers all.

Build Confidence

Boost Resilience

Show Love

school counsellor

About Me

​​I am Nicole Henry, a mother and child counsellor that has a passion to see our children and young people overcome challenges. After stepping into this industry of children's mental health I have not looked back. 

As a child I needed the support of a counsellor to help me through the loss of my grandparents and the burglary of my home. I definitely had a story to tell but I had no voice. I believe every child has a story to tell. We need to encourage our children to share to manage their mental health. We encourage children and young people to read stories but they have their own stories. Sharing your story helps the children to regain strength and confidence. I want all children to have the opportunity to speak their truth in order to empower themselves but also their peers.

Let's Work Together!

1. Send in an equiry.

2. Schedule a telephone consultation.

3. Book a date & sign your contract.

4. Work begins.


Nicole was incredibly instrumental in helping KSP better understand their emotions, the origins of said emotions and how to cope with tough periods. Nicole was incredibly patient and supportive of both her client and her client's guardian, in my case. Her level of expertise, insight and genuine passion for healthy mental wellness effortlessly translates in how she approaches her clients. I've seen such a profound sense of growth, maturity and gratitude in KSP that, frankly, I had never anticipated in such a short amount of time. As a young adult, I could only wish that myself and other young people had someone like Nicole in their corner to help them make sense of themselves, the larger world and how to navigate through life in a way that is infinitely rewarding, flexible and longstanding. I couldn't recommend Nicole enough to anyone with a young person who needs answers that we as parents/guardians, may not be able to provide!


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