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​​I am Nicole Henry, a mother and child counsellor that has a passion to see our children and young people overcome challenges. After stepping into this industry of children's mental health I have not looked back. 

As a child I needed the support of a counsellor to help me through the loss of my grandparents and the burglary of my home. I definitely had a story to tell but I had no voice. I believe every child has a story to tell. We need to encourage our children to share to manage their mental health. We encourage children and young people to read stories but they have their own stories. Sharing your story helps the children to regain strength and confidence. I want all children to have the opportunity to speak their truth in order to empower themselves but also their peers.


Seeing children and young people overcome their difficulties and challenges has bought me so much joy. Children and young people are able to be a in safe space and grow and build on their character profile. Working with parents is very important part of my process when working with younger children. They feel supported throughout the process and receive brief updates throughout the journey.

Connect with me if you have an questions on would like support for your child.

Take care

Nicole x

Success Stories

‘Hi Nicole,

 I just want to say a massive thank you for all the help you have given X. I have seen such a difference in him. His confidence has grown massively. Although he still has worry issues he is now learning to break situations down in to time. Which is helping things so much at home and at school. He looks forward to Wednesdays to sit down with you and spend time with you, talking about any worries he has if it be a party or outing we have planned. I feel X has really benefited from seeing you once a week and I am so happy with the progress he is making.I can’t thank you enough Nicole’ 



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